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Beef Trachea

Beef Trachea

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Low Fat

Beef trachea is a low-fat alternative to other meat-based chewable such as pigs ears and rawhide. Dogs love the taste of beef, and beef trachea is packed with flavor. If you are watching your dog’s calories, beef trachea is a great option. They are a natural source of protein and other nutrients, and they are low in fat.

Joint Health

Beef trachea is a natural source of chondroitin, glucosamine and collagen. Beef trachea also contains cartilage, which is known to be beneficial for joints. Cartilage helps to cushion the joints and protect them from shocks and impacts. It also provides lubrication for the joints, which helps to reduce friction and inflammation.

Oral Hygiene

For us, the one and only benefit we look at is oral health. Beef tracheas work like magic for cleaning a dog’s mouth.


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    Warm water and soap usually work well. You also can dab with a small amount of rubbing alcohol.

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